Freeman Film LocationsFreeman Film Locations Ltd is a professional group of highly experienced filming supervisors specializing in the operation of filming locations on behalf of the OWNER. The supervisors are long time experienced former locations crew members that have been assembled by the founder Gerry Freeman. Gerry was a location manager in the industry for over 20 years and has created Freeman Film Locations Ltd to assist owners in the complete management of private filming sites. We have the most experienced staff of any liaison service in the industry as we only hire long time experienced crew members as supervisors and train them to attend fairly to the needs of both the owner’s interest and to assist in the film crew safe, efficient operations while on the property. We protect and preserve the future film sustainability of the location by minimizing filming impact to all concerned.

Freeman Film Locations Ltd engages the owner and gets to know the location intimately. Then we set forth a filming plan based on the requirements of the owner knowing well in advance what the needs of the film crew will be in any given scenario. We do all of the inside the industry advertising and promoting as we know people who search for and arrange the locations for film, television and commercials. On behalf of the owner we provide the complete management of viewings, contract negotiations, the countless meetings that facilitate planning and logistics, we supervise the crew while on site at all times and we follow through the complete project right to the very last item. We assure the filming crew leaves the location in as good as or better condition than received.

Freeman Film LocationsWhether offering your home, your property, empty warehouse, business or institution, wilderness site with Freeman Film Locations Ltd on your side you as the owner of the location can rest assured that your engagement with the film industry will be performed professionally safely and with the attention to your requirements being upmost in everyone’s mind. We provide the service to maintain the event ability to be sustainable for you, your neighbors the city and keeping in balance with the filming company needs to finish the project well. We keep you safe from liability, damage and impact to your location or business operations and your tenants. We also assure that the event is performed under all of the city permit requirements so that the location does not get “HOT”. This is a term the city uses when they suspend filming operations for several months in an area when the filming impact to a neighborhood is excessive. This can hinder your ability to earn filming income for your location. This is a situation we all want to avoid at all times.

We look forward to meeting you and seeing your location you want to provide to the film industry. We move quickly and efficiently to put you on the “directors short list” immediately after we have you as a client. We do all of the required photography, location assessment, best pricing practice and logistics planning in advance of the arrival of the crews. We pre determine filming location contract terms with you so that we are ready to film on a short notice if needed. The industry knows if we are there as your liaison that the operations will be done efficiently, professionally and sustainably. The industry is prone to put our locations forward as the best option for the director to get the filming done, we are the first call for many of the location managers and scouts for the many location categories we provide them.

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